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making cents

Stories. The darling of the literary world. What would it be like if someone told you a story on money? Wait, not one but three stories on personal finance, well woven to not only entertain but also educate? Look no further.

mastering your money

Money. Everybody wants it, many need it, few know how to make it and others simply cannot keep it. It can be an emotive subject depending on your relationship with it and the social status it has given you.

who are the top billioanires in africa

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Elon Musk,…You could probably continue with this list ad infinitum, or so I thought until I turned the lens from the West and looked back home. 

None of us ever envisions failure and disappointment in our career journey. We mostly long for when we will get that promotion, bag awards as the best employee, and have something to show for it in the bank.

Ever read a simple but well-written memoir? If not, then Alexiah Mami Mdindi’s book, A Journey To Behold will definitely be worth your time and dime. 

Unveiling the Scriptures

The Scriptures are perhaps the most widely read and merchandised book in the whole world. Sadly, many fail to use it correctly. They mistake a sword for a butter knife and consequently, their lives remain either totally unchanged or changed for the worst through heretical teachings.

Soaring Like An Eagle

Stories of rags to riches abound in every society. Undoubtedly, such stories make for a great inspirational read be it in fiction or non-fiction material. In African literature, such tales have an evocative appeal to their immediate audience.

Lessons from the Streets

Do you recall the last time you walked past a hawker or a street vendor on your way to someplace that was more important? Closer home, remember how you bargained for a fare cut from the bodaboda guy not considering the rider’s hustle?

Love. The noun that doubles up as a verb. We can’t do without it. We have a difficult time fathoming its mystery, as did King Solomon. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped men and women alike from trying to figure it out albeit with varying degrees of success, as marriage statistics testify. Against this backdrop, Baesics: Setting The Right Foundations to Marry Well (2019) by Ernest and Waturi Wamboye enters the stage.