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in the belly of the fish

In The Belly of The Fish

When a manned space mission to Mars fails epically many lives across the globe get a thorough shakeup ranging from Dr. Pride (the lead Rocket scientist in charge of the mission) to a young Kenyan boy, Job who gets orphaned.
As an inquiry goes on, a mother goes as far as she can to launder blood from the blood banks of the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in a bid to save her only daughter in India.

An exiled Russian spy in the US discovers that he is the key to solving the case of the Intercontinental Space Mission Agency (ISMA) vs. Hobbs- the evil genius behind the catastrophe- at the expense of his own life. Will he succeed in testifying in court giving up his location to the Trident Mafia who had thought that he had died in an explosion in Russia?

Will there be another attempt in sending men to the red planet? Will Prof. Madison save her daughter from her debilitating blood disease by breaking the law? Will Job find his way back to normalcy as he runs to the streets to fend for himself in a cruel society?

Will all these people find their way out of the belly of the “F.I.S.H”?

Latest Books

The Gift of Presence highlights the importance of both God’s presence and fellow men’s presence in your life. You’ll get to learn about the different types of man’s presence such as value presence and honorary presence among others. It’s packed with thought-provoking insights into the presence of God.

This book is loaded with just the right blend of intriguing short stories and analogies, humorous anecdotes, reflective poems, and some pithy quotes that will help you pepper your talk as need be.

Suitable for Pastors, Teachers/Lecturers and Orators.

Other Books

genius is made not born front cover

Genius is Made Not Born

My main reason for writing this book was that having succeeded in both middle as well as high school, I saw it fit that others get a small peek into my life so that they can borrow a thing or two and apply it in their own lives so as to be successful as well. The road to success no longer has to be misty. It can be clear as day but it all trickles down to one thing: Choice!

the parapet front cover

The Parapet

Have you ever felt tired of perpetually failing despite your efforts to succeed? Have you ever felt like the road to success is so misty and slippery that very few people (you excluded) ever make it? If you are a student and have felt that way, then your solutions might just be lying hidden in the few pages of this book

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