Jimmy Nzioki

Short Stories

The Animalis Paradisum is Latin for Animal Paradise. Ever wondered where animals go when they die? Well here’s a fun and interesting way to explore this question that has puzzled many great Christian thinkers. Travel this unique land with two very unusual tour guides who pay this paradise a visit. You might even get to meet your long/recently departed pet… Just kidding. However, some of the animals are going to be very familiar if you’ve ever read your Bible

Now here is a thought provoking read. Ever read Bunyan’s or C.S. Lewis’ allegories? If yes, then you’ve got to love this Christian Allegory and Apology replete with biblical symbols and wait for it….a fully African setting or should I say an East African setting. Join the sweet little girl Zuri as she narrates her dream to her wise father, Mr. Busara who tries hard to decipher this divinely inspired dream of mankind’s pilgrimage to the great beyond. Does the King’s City really exist? Is the King even real to begin with? What do the Matatus actually represent? Who are these drivers and touts in our real lives in the here and now? You’ll definitely be left with lots of questions after going through this compelling account.

The story is a political satire set in a fictitious land called Kitchenia where cutlery and crockery are set to decide on the fate of their land by electing a new leader. The question is, who will win? Will it be the incumbent, or the new and seemingly better rival?