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Sacked? So What! (Vincent Ogutu)- Book Review

None of us ever envisions failure and disappointment in our career journey. We mostly long for when we will get that promotion, bag awards as the best employee, and have something to show for it in the bank. However, in this day and age, jobs are scarce. Those who do find it get easily lulled into the comfort a paycheck gives assuming that it is not peanuts. The reality of job loss is something few people consider; perhaps it seems too pessimistic and we all want ‘positive thoughts’ on our career trajectory.


To remove the scales from our eyes, Vincent Ogutu’s book- Sacked? So What! Power of Hope and Action comes to our rescue. The book starts off with a bang. It paints the canvas of our mind with a vivid image that indeed all things can come to an abrupt end – including one’s job. The author categorically shows (using a blend of statistical data and stories of real people) the situation facing developing countries in Africa especially mass unemployment. Despite the fact that universities in Kenya churn out a plethora of graduates every year few opportunities are available for easy absorption into the job market. A great dissonance indeed.


The stories contained in the book are quite emotive and the reader can easily immerse themselves in them. These stories strike a chord with the realities faced in our country as well as other nations like Nigeria (which has minted a sizeable number of billionaires) and South Africa. They highlight the tears and regrets of many individuals who have been shown the door by their employers. From inhumane firing to suspicious dismissals, affected individuals get forced to think beyond an Eight-to-Five job. Retrenchments and early retirements which are just mere semantics for “you’re fired!” are sadly the norm in any struggling economy.


The author champions for monetization of skills and hobbies that solve societal problems. He encourages entrepreneurship and not taking to heart the termination of formal employment. At the end of every chapter, there are lessons given, derived from the stories presented.  Sometimes these lessons seem contrived but for a general reader, it works just fine. Furthermore, there exist some tiny yet glaring typos and spelling mistakes that a keen reader will definitely notice. There are lots of trite pieces of advice coupled with cliches that are derived from common phraseology and lexicons.

Nonetheless, the message of the book is clear- you can succeed in any space apart from employment as the stories given clearly show. The vulnerability of those featured makes one reevaluate themselves and seek opportunities wherever and whenever they could be found.