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Unveiling the Scriptures

Unveiling The Scriptures (Rev. Daniel Gichana)- Book Review

The Scriptures are perhaps the most widely read and merchandised book in the whole world. Sadly, many fail to use it correctly. They mistake a sword for a butterknife and consequently, their lives remain either totally unchanged or changed for the worst through heretical teachings. To deliver Christians, especially the clergy from making such mistakes, Rev. Daniel Gichana’s book: Unveiling The Scriptures (2021) comes in handy as a resourceful tool in biblical studies and interpretation.

Using memorable phrases, the author ingeniously plots out his whole book. The outline is worth listing. He takes a deeper look at people, places, prayers, promises, principles, protocols, patterns, prophecies, and paradigms in the Bible. To cap it all, he shows the reader that all these P’s are pointing to some extent to ‘The Person of Jesus Christ’. Talk of creativity!

The book begins with a rather dense theological tome on the Bible for its Introduction. An average reader risks dismissing the book as another ‘theology textbook’ or ‘reference book’ due to the encyclopedialike nature of the factual representation of the Bible. A patient reader is however richly rewarded afterwards. The P’s listed prior to starting to make more sense against the heavy backdrop at its beginning.

The author is quite versed in his subject matter as evidenced by the replete quotations from several scholars on Biblical matters. Each chapter comprises an interesting anecdote and well-researched material on the topic. They conclude beautifully with discussion questions that help the reader(s) to pause and reflect on what they have just imbibed. This approach essentially makes the book a treasure trove for becoming ‘outstanding after gaining understanding’ as the author puts it. One needs to have a highlighter and a notebook or note-taking app nearby as one goes through this book.

If anyone would love to explore the riches found within this wonderful masterpiece, spare some significant amount of time and money and you will not wind up the same. Do not just take my word for it. As Francis Bacon once said, “some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” Unveiling The Scriptures certainly belongs to the latter.